Game of Thrones and Flipboard

Here on &DESIGN I’m all about redefining the term “magazine” – it’s not just print exclusive anymore. So imagine my satisfaction when I heard this news: Flipboard, the digital media curator app that calls itself a magazine, released two new totally custom magazines, one of which is devoted to Game of Thrones.

Mandatory Khaleesi.

Mandatory Khaleesi.

I’ll focus on the Game of Thrones magazine for this post. Titled “The World of Ice and Fire,” it’s being officially run by the GoT fan site and is being promoted by Random House Publishing.

I guess the whole thing is just a huge nerd-out place for everyone who is a fan of George R.R. Martin’s work, the author of GoT. It looks like the articles are going to focus on news surrounding Martin’s work.

Remember all that preaching I’ve been doing about magazine branding? It’s more relevant now than ever, considering people are starting to fill their lives with echo chambers of internet media. If you want to connect with readers, you have to offer them something they can’t get somewhere else and offer it in a way that makes them feel like part of a community. Hell, look at this Flipboard Magazine – these people had a brand and community and no magazine representing them, so it popped up all on it’s own.

And oh yeah – Flipboard says users have created over 2 million of these unique magazines. Looks like the print people are going to have to get serious, and soon – winter is coming.



3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones and Flipboard

  1. Have you seen Circa? I just read about it quite recently, but it sounds similar to some of these ideas. The Washington Post just launched an app today that is (cosmetically) similar to Circa as well. You seem to be keeping on top of some going trends – make sure you’re getting your work out there!

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