My name is Bryan Bumgardner, and because you like my blog enough to click the about page, I love you.

This is blog about magazines – specifically, magazine design.

As magazines evolve into some weird digital mashup of hard journalism and cat videos, designers are exploring new territory. Some are doing great work; others are smashing their faces on the keyboard on deadline.

I like to read magazines then critique, criticize, and croon over them. Sometimes I smear some irreverent pop culture references into the mix.

I overthink magazines for you so hopefully you’ll see them in the same way I do: as powerful, artistic litmus tests of human cultures.

I also love to talk. Let’s chat.

I tweet.

I have a portfolio of design work. (Still under construction.)

I have a portfolio of written journalism.

I have a totally not-narcissistic About.me page.

I have email: BryanBumgardner@gmail.com.

I also have a favorite website.

Boring stuff:

I’m a college senior at West Virginia University’s P.I. Reed School of Journalism, where once upon a time they plastered my face on the school website. I have a full resume that’s going to be posted here soon.

One thought on “About

  1. Good overview with a structure that gets to the main points first; clear voice as well. You might consider a few examples/links illustrating that “new territory” – give new readers a clear picture of what they’re getting into. Nice use of promotional details at the end (where it belongs).

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