My Most Influential Blogs

Here are some blogs I’ll be following, all of which are excellent sources for commentary, news and information about publication design.

This is a longstanding blog about editorial design. While not focusing on new and upcoming magazines, this blog will still be a good source of insight.

This is an online mag about internet and mobile design.  It has a lot of articles, but the majority of them have a slight editorial lean. It reads like a blog and sounds like a blog, so I’m treating it like a blog. I’d call this one of the “new-school” magazines that redefine the “print-only” idea of a magazine.

Samir Husni is allegedly the “world’s expert on new magazines,” according to Forbes. Needless to say his blog will be beneficial to my endeavors.

Allegedly the best magazine design blog, I think I’ll be visiting this site often. They even have a space for design jobs – major plus.

Basically the same blog as mine. It will be interesting to compare perspectives with them.

This will be a good place to engage with others in magazine design. Curious to see if this can blossom into a community.

A huge mine of all the design information I’ll need in the future.

The Society of Professional Designers
The single greatest resource for publication designers. There’s a lot to learn and absorb on these blogs.

Computer Arts
An awesome overseas resource for computer arts and print design. Their print magazine is awesome as well.

Wired’s Design Blog 
A great blog about digital design in general, which will be influential when discussing mobile apps and breakthrough website design.